Have You Been Posted?

Did you invite Nik Richie into your life? Did you ask for opinions about your appearance or choices? Did you post your photos on a social networking site in full knowledge that they could be stolen and used to ruin your life? 

I didn't think so. 

Your Right to privacy has been compromised, and we're here to help.

The first thing that you need to understand is that although they are hurting many lives , in most cases, thedirty.com is not breaking the law. We can look in to your case and suggest that you contact a lawyer if we see fit, but in most cases Nik's legal team insures that no laws are broken.

 When you contact us, everything that you say to us is privileged. We will not repeat, paraphrase or quote anything that you say. The correspondence between you and my team stays between us. Likewise, you are not permitted to divulge anything that is said by me or my team to anyone without our permission. 

Please remember that if we are not told the truth, we cannot help you. We need all of the information and we need it explained simply. 

If there is a need for conflict mediation in your case, that is something that we can do. But, this must be taken care of prior to any correspondence with The Dirty Team. This is a particularly important point because without the resolution of the original conflict, our efforts may be rendered useless by way of a re-post. 

 When you join our support group, you agree to stop visiting TheDirty.com. If information comes to light suggesting that you are a participant in the ongoings of thedirty.com,  we will cease any and all contact with you. This includes comments and submissions. 

Lastly, and most importantly, please understand that we will most likely not be able to have your post removed. We can provide support and an emotional haven for you and your loved ones. We can give your the opportunity to tell your side of the story. We can give you suggestions that will help you have your post considered for removal. Although we may not be able to get your post removed, telling us your story will help us have this website shut down. 

Go through all of these points and make sure you understand them. Then, let us know what has been posted about you and include all of the information. We are going to to use the information that you provide in an attempt to prove that Nik Richie is very seriously hurting the lives of many, and that the website needs to be shut down or heavily monitored. 

The more information we have, the stronger our case will be, so please write in and spread the word.

You can contact us at thecleanblog@gmail.com

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